Multivitamin Capsules

Multivitamin Capsules
Product Description

Ginseng, Multivitamin & Multimineral Soft Gel caps

Day-Active is a Daily Health Supplement which contains essential Vitamins, Minerals & high quality Ginseng which keeps you fit and active all the day.

  Benefits of Ginseng:-

  Ginseng is also known as adaptogen i.e. increases the body ability to adapt to stress & changing  situations.
 Ginseng is a stress reliever it reduces stress & acts as a stimulant & also regulates metabolism &   increase energy level.
 Ginseng is Anti-aging it slow down the signs of aging because of antioxidants present in it.
  Ginseng is a brain stimulant it helps to stimulate brain cells & improve memory and mental ability.

Vitamins & Minerals:-

  •   Vitamin A is necessary for health skin and eyes.
  •  Vitamin B1, B2 & B6 are necessary for metabolism of carbohydrates & energy and for proper functioning of heart and brain.
  •   Vitamin B12 helps in normal functioning of nervous system.
  •   Vitamin C improves the immunity of body.
  •   Vitamin D3 is necessary for absorption of calcium.
  •   Vitamin E works as an antioxidant.
  •   Folic Acid helps in formation of blood and keeps skin healthy.
  •   Calcium & Phosphorus builds strong Bone & Teeth.
  •   Manganese & Magnesium provides healthy bone structure and build energy respectively.

Benefits of Day-Active:-

  •  Increase Stamina and Decrease body Fatigue.
  •  Improve mental stability and skills.
  •  Improve health and stability. 
  •  Maintains nervous system. 

Each Soft gel Capsule Contains (Approx.):-


42.5 mg

Vitamin A (Palmitate)   

2500 IU

Vitamin D3    

200 IU

Vitamin B1  

5 mg

Vitamin B2 

3 mg

Vitamin B6

2 mg

Vitamin B12   

5 mcg

Vitamin C   

30 mg

Vitamin E Acetate  

10 mg

Folic Acid 

1 mg

L- Lysine

30 mg

Niacin amide  

20 mg

Calcium Pantothenate 

5 mg

Ferrous Fumerate 

10 mg

Dibasic Calcium Phosphate

eq. to elemental Calcium 

eq. to elemental Phosphorus 


75 mg

58 mg

Manganese Sulphate 

1 mg

Copper Sulphate  

0.5 mg

Sodium Selenite  

25 mcg




Nutritional Information

Approx values per serving

Energy value                                                                           4.58 kcal

Protein                                                                                     0.355 gm

Carbohydrates                                                                        0.010 gm

Fat                                                                                            0.348 gm

Saturated fatty acid                                                               0.087 gm

Mon saturated fatty acid                                                      0.104 gm

Poly unsaturated fatty acid                                                  0.156 gm

Trans fatty acid                                                                       0.000 gm

Cholesterol                                                                              0.000 gm


Other ingredients :- Gelatin, Glycerine, Sorbitol, Ref. soyabean oil, B.H.A and B.H.T, Emulsifysing and stabilizing agents.

Permitted food colour & class II preservatives.

Recommended usage : As dietary supplement 1-2 capsules daily with meals or as directed by dietician.

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